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Welcome, from the Editor

Maybe you just graduated from high school or college and you are wondering what in the world have you gotten yourself into - the "Real World" is a lot different than how you imagined it. Or maybe you have been working for a while and think it's time you started moving up a little faster, a little higher. Maybe you just want to enjoy your 20s or 30s before you settle down and go see the world. Perhaps that Freshman 15 was more like 30 and you want to get back into shape: physically and mentally.

We all come from different walks of life but its our experiences that set us apart. Come learn from us as we share through our expressions and send us comments so we can learn from you. We can stay where we are, or we can climb to that Higher EleVation.

We prefer to climb.

This year, on October 16, 2014, Higher EleVation Magazine will be participating in Blog Action Day!! Read our articles on Inequality and check out the 1000s of others participating: www.BlogActionDay.org #BAD2014 #Injustice

We've redesigned the page, added some new features, and will be publishing a new article every Monday(ish). 

Melissa Miller
Creator and Editor, Higher EleVation Magazine

**The thoughts and ideas expressed by the writers are solely theirs and not that of Higher EleVation Magazine.

Professional Development
Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Remember that golf tournament with all the bigshots from work? Oh wait, you were not invited. We are always reminded that life is not fair, and no matter how many degrees are behind your name or certifications you possess, sometimes it all comes down to who you know. . . . READ MORE 

Apartment Decor

Quite often when we hear the word inequality we think about unfair behaviors and activities. These thoughts are unpleasant and negative. But what about those moments occurring that do not involve protesting, fighting for justice or law enforcement? What about our everyday or reoccurring scenarios that are a natural part of life and living that have tendencies of inequality? For the topic of home decorations and living space we will take a lighter stance to address and concentrate on the “inequalities” a male and female couple living together for the first time may face. . .  READ MORE

Social Consciousness

I have been accused of being a cynic when it comes to movies, especially chick-flicks. The reason I am so difficult when it comes to joining in with the girls to watch these movies, is because I really hate the imbalance in the industry.

Creative Expression

It was 11:47 am on a dreary Sunday morning, and Isaiah Jones was late for his father's funeral . . .
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