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2014 will be the year you . . . .

Note from the Editor:

I am thoroughly excited about 2014. This is the year to try new things and experience some new adventures. Life has always been a mystery, but this feels like the year to embrace those unknown activities.  
In this issue we talk about a lot of things for getting to that next rung in your climb up the ladder. It's surprising how achievements in your personal life can aid in facilitating new perspectives in your professional life. We will discuss social media and how it really can blur those lines between home life and work life. It's finally time to get organized, with the tips we have here, and it's now or never. If you want to go to the 2014 World Cup or a dream vacation of your life, stop waiting on other people. An in depth article on traveling solo. And ladies, gentlemen, we answer that question that no one wants to talk about  - money and relationships. Check out the article under "Dating & Relationships."

We will be making some changes this year with the magazine layout and frequency, to stay competitive. I'm looking forward to taking you all on this journey. We are all in the same [or similar] boat, so help me paddle!! Tell me if this magazine offers you what you want or if you want MORE!! Make sure to volunteer on MLK Day this year, recycle, and do things for others. In a world full of selfies, we are the generation to stay grounded and remind others that its not just about 'me.' 

Thank you for coming to check us out. Please subscribe, and spread the word. Happy New Year!

Melissa Miller
Creator and Editor, Higher EleVation Magazine

The thoughts and ideas expressed by the writers are solely theirs and not that of Higher EleVation Magazine.


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